Free Continued Education

Education is key to becoming a good board member for your community association.

Congratulations! You have been elected to the board of directors of your homeowners’ association. You now have the awesome responsibility to serve your community, and to serve it well.

Establishing board roles and responsibilities and keeping it focused on governing wisely is paramount to helping ensure the board’s and an association’s success. Every homeowners association board has three primary fiduciary responsibilities: to support governing documents, uphold interests of the association and to act as if the resources of the association are his or her own. You must also remain updated on current issues, attend meetings and ask questions.

In response to many HOA board members’ desire and need to be as informed as possible in all aspects of governance, Taylor Association Management recommends a series of homeowner seminars on a variety of different topics provided by the Community Association Institute (CAI).

CAI’s educational programs are held in Las Vegas and Reno. Homeowner classes include budgets and reserves, rules enforcement, ethics, meetings and elections, landscape, building communities, fines, collections and foreclosures, how to structure a request for proposal, risk management and a class called ABC’s: Essentials for Board Members. The Nevada Chapter of CAI has also established a designation for board members that can be earned by attending a series of specialized classes to educate them about the goals of an HOA, as well as their roles and responsibilities. Called the DCAL designation, (Dedicated Community Association Leaders), the program has proven to be a big success.

Taylor Association Management also provides continuing education courses, in the form of seminars and workshops, that are designed to inform and update board members on the latest laws and regulatory statutes concerning HOA management. Most of these courses are free of charge and you can contact your community manager to learn more.