HOA Resale Documents


Moving into a new community or selling your home? We make it easy to get your resale information about your new neighborhood.

A resale package is a packet of vital information provided to those purchasing a condominium or a home in an association. The package includes a complete set of recorded documents that govern your Community Association under NRS 116 and NAC 116.

This package also contains such items as the Articles of Incorporation, Declaration, By-laws and in most cases, the Rules & Regulations, and the Architectural Guidelines of the community. In addition, it might contain a disclosure certificate that gives the buyer information regarding any special assessments or other fees applicable to the property as well as information on any pending litigation matters, known physical problems with the property and any architectural compliance issues. Also included is a master insurance certificate, current budget and a profit & loss statement for the community.

Condominium and homeowner associations are governed by a series of documents that detail the responsibilities of the homeowner and the community to provide services. Anyone purchasing a home in a community is entitled to have those documents prior to the purchase of their home. The resale package is the method mandated by NRS 116 and NAC 116 to assure that new homebuyers are aware of their obligations and status of the community.

Where do I find the information to provide to the perspective buyer of my home?
You may already have some of the information that is required. When you purchased your home, you should have been provided the recorded documents. The recorded documents are also available from Taylor Association Management in addition to the other information required in the package.

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