Homeowner Resources

Your HOA website is the best resource for information about your community and services. It provides homeowners, board members and the community manager with a means to communicate more efficiently with each other.

Here, homeowners can also find information concerning their community association as well as have quick access to links for some common resources.

If you are one of elite communities managed by Taylor Association Management, your website is ready for you!

Your association website is the main resource for homeowners and others interested in moving into your community. An interactive community website gives you the means to get information out to residents quickly by posting announcements on the website or sending email bulletins to all the homeowners at once.

Your community website provides the tools you need to create stronger connections with your members.

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We all know how important balance is, and your community association is no different. Part of creating a peaceful community is finding the right balance between the reasonable desires of individual homeowners and the best interest of your community as a whole. Understanding what you can do to create peaceful surroundings in your neighborhood is part of the process…and Taylor Association Management is here to help.  

Listed below are items that you might find helpful:

Community Associations Institute

Community Associations Institute (CAI) is a national organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, competent, harmonious community associations. Click here for more information

Nevada Statues Governing Common Interest Community Associations

NRS 116
NAC 116

Nevada State Office of the Ombudsman for Common Interest Communities

Roberts Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised is the guide preferred by most professional parliamentarians for being fair and complete. It is easily obtained by officers and members of your association. For more information visit www.robertsrules.com.

Useful Community Phone Numbers:

Animal Control

Las Vegas 702-229-6444
North Las Vegas 702-633-1750
Henderson 702-267-4970

Police Departments

Non-Emergency 311
Emergency 911
Las Vegas 702-828-3111
North Las Vegas 702-633-9111 or 702-633-1017
Henderson 702-267-5000
Boulder City 702-293-9224
Mesquite 702-346-5262


City of Henderson – Utilities 702-267-5900
Southern Nevada Water Authority 702-862-3400
Southwest Gas  877-860-6020
NV Energy 702-402-5555
Century Link 702-244-8005
Cox Communications 702-383-4000

Additional Resources:

Nevada Secretary of State 
Clark County Assessors Page 
Clark County Recorder’s Office
City of Las Vegas 
City of North Las Vegas 
City of Henderson